"Navigating Regulatory Waters with Integrity and Innovation".

In the heart of Monaco’s thriving financial district, a distinguished player is transforming the landscape of wealth protection. Gatsby & White, an independent, privately-owned European life insurance intermediation platform, is redefining the role of life insurance brokers in the principality. Their commitment to delivering customized life insurance solutions with unwavering integrity, and their ability to anticipate and adapt to regulatory changes, has positioned them as a trusted partner for leading businesses in the region.

Gatsby & White
Founded in 2013 in Luxembourg, Gatsby & White embarked on a journey to provide a level of independent advisory services that would not only meet but exceed the evolving demands of the wealth management industry. In a rapidly changing regulatory landscape, their commitment to impartiality has become their hallmark. Expanding their operations to Monaco in 2022, to further solidify their presence in the European financial landscape.

Benno Vegers, Managing Partner at Gatsby & White, provides an insight into the company’s unique approach and unwavering commitment to client interests. Mr. Vegers, an industry veteran, sheds light on the company’s origins and its continued success in the financial hub of Monaco.

Q: Could you shed some light on Gatsby & White’s process for serving private clients?

BV: Our approach is highly client-centric. We work closely with clients and their advisors to create effective strategies that align with their home jurisdiction. These strategies are designed to achieve various wealth planning objectives, including succession planning, control retention, security, and international portability.

Q: Can you describe Gatsby & White’s journey and what sets your company apart?

Benno Vegers (BV): Certainly. When we established Gatsby & White in 2013 in Luxembourg, our vision was clear – to become a leading trusted advisor for our clients and business partners. We saw the regulatory challenges that wealth managers and private clients were having trouble with and

understood the need for a truly independent intermediary. Challenges were plentiful, but our dedication to impartiality and integrity has allowed us to navigate the complex waters of wealth protection effectively. Our expansion into Monaco in 2022 marked a significant step in our journey.

Q: How do you differentiate Gatsby & White in a crowded marketplace?

BV: What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to client interests. We are not beholden to any insurer or provider, which allows us to offer truly impartial advice. This is crucial, especially in a world where regulatory risks are on the rise. We prioritize the client’s needs above all else, and that’s a differentiating factor that our partners greatly appreciate.

The company’s process is meticulous. We initiate discussions only after an introduction from the client’s financial or legal advisor. Once the framework of a life policy is agreed upon, Gatsby & White conducts a thorough survey of various insurance offerings, helping the client select the preferred provider. We negotiate the best terms and conditions and oversee the policy implementation until the completion of the life insurance contract issuance process. Gatsby & White is dedicated to providing comprehensive servicing throughout the lifetime of the policy, ensuring ongoing support and adherence to evolving wealth planning objectives.

Q: What does the future hold for Gatsby & White?

BV: The future is promising. We are committed to digitalization and enhancing our services to provide a true value proposition. We will continue to set the gold standard in our market and serve as a trusted partner for clients and business partners in Monaco and beyond.

Gatsby & White will further strengthen its position in 2024 by incorporating (Variable) Universal Life (VUL) insurance into its suite of offerings in Monaco. This strategic addition allows clients to benefit from the unique combination of lifelong insurance protection, flexible premiums, and the potential for cash value growth through market investments. By embracing the evolving demands of wealth protection and offering tailored VUL solutions, Gatsby & White continues to lead the charge in Monaco’s dynamic life insurance landscape, setting a gold standard for excellence and innovation.

In a world where compliance and client interests are paramount, Gatsby & White’s role as a trusted advisor and life insurance intermediary has become indispensable. With a commitment to integrity, impartiality, and excellence, we continue to shape the future of wealth protection in Monaco and beyond.

Gatsby & White has office locations in Luxembourg, Belgium, Liechtenstein, and Monaco allowing us to broker wealth planning solutions across the majority of EU Member states. From Luxembourg Gatsby & White can also provide wealth planning services to diverse non-European jurisdictions.

Distinguished by 6.0 billion euros in Assets Under Administration, active management of 3000 policies , and 96 cooperative agreements with business partners, Gatsby & White navigates complex financial landscapes with excellence.

Published in Monaco Economie, edition 129, January 2024: Click Here