All wealth managers always wanted to know about legacy planning and life insurance for Russian private clients. This program will allow  to update the shortlist of legacy planning structures.

Geneva, Tuesday 16 April 2019, Hotel Warwick, 8.30 – 12.30


Anton Ionov
Ernst & Young

Sergei Zhestkov
Baker & McKenzie

Victor Kalgin

Toon Meyer
Director Business Development
Gatsby & White


8.30: Registration and breakfast
9.00: Beginning of the seminar
10.30: Coffee break
12.30: End of the seminar

Wealth and responsibility

To grow and to protect; to preserve and to pass on efficiently. How prepared are clients? Head winds in an uncertain world. Criteria of effective legacy planning tools. What are the Top 5 perceived risks to wealth creation and preservation? The use of life insurance by Russian private clients.

Structuring personal assets in the CRS era

The key trends that affect personal structures of holdings of assets. Transparency and complexity. Protection against excessive taxation and tax planning opportunities. Quid voluntary disclosure, Russian offshores and “look through” approach to income? What structures have become obsolete and why? What do we recommend in the new tax environment?

Life after voluntary disclosure and tax free liquidation; What’s next?
​Voluntary disclosure v. 3.0? How effective are irrevocable discretionary trusts, segregated portfolio companies and life insurance with an investment component as holding structures? Analysis of legacy preservation through trusts, foundations, life insurance and others. What is the impact of the Investment strategy on the effectivity of the planning structure; corporate vs structures?

Foreign life insurance: a CFC or not?

Typical life policies for Russian HNWIs. Scope of powers towards the life policy? When becomes life insurance CFC and must be reported in Russia? Sense or nonsense of obtaining a tax ruling to argue that a life policy is not a CFC? Is it necessary to report a foreign policy in Russia as a CFC? Life insurance vs other popular legacy planning structures. What is the attitude of Russian tax authorities vs foreign policies?

Major complications of modern HNWI life

Seizure; vital need for control, confidentiality and asset protection. How to maintain full control without giving in on asset protection? Mobility and portability; how effective is the current structure abroad? Why does life insurance work well across borders? What is legacy without control? How to donate during lifetime and maintain control through life insurance? How to rule over the grave?

Life insurance providers and admissible assets

What life insurance companies are open for Russian business? What class of assets are admissible to them? How to hold them properly? How to deal with premium payment in cash and unquoted assets? Benefits for the end-client and for the wealth manager. What are the advantages of using a truly independent broker?

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